I’m looking at one more week of recharging my creative gears, and then I am back to drawing Z&F comics! However, my poor readers, you have to wait another month… as this is only starting my BUFFER of comics to schedule for September. Trust me, it’s handy to have. You know how life can be. It’s often inconvenient and spontaneous, when you don’t want it to be. I’ll probably run out of this buffer just in time for the next seasonal hiatus, too.

I am also looking at one more week before my convention season REALLY takes off. In August and September, I have a comic convention every other week. So yeah, right back into the fire of being BUSY BUSY BUSY! Appearances coming up:

  • The Great Allentown Comic Con MEGA Show! August 4-5th, in Allentown, PA! Raking in some awesome guests, like Joe Kubert!
  • ComicCONN in Trumbull, CT! August 18th! A new one for me, but it looks like a ton of fun and with loads of costumes and other creators!
  • Baltimore Comic Con, September 8-9th! Always a great convention for me, a blast to hang out with a TON of friends who always go, and THE Stan “the man” Lee will be there again!
  • Small Press Expo (SPX), the following weekend- August 15-16 in Bethesda, MD! My first indie book show, we shall see how well Z&F do at a show like this!

Z&F Guest Strip by “Crazy Jon”!

Now this is pure awesome!

click to enlarge

You may remember Jon from the last blog post, where Z&F made a cameo in his own comic. Jon is a good twitter buddy  and the creator of “Mike and Mindy” which you can find on his website. I have to say, I’m a bit jealous I didn’t think of dressing Fred up in 90’s (or even 80’s) fashion… it’s a no-brainer, really. This really cracked me up, especially those pants! UGH what were we thinking back then???!! Thanks so much, yet again, Jon!!!

 How about a CONTEST?

Well, my cohorts and I over at the Webcomic Alliance have a contest going right now, and you could win some AWESOME stuff for YOUR own comic! All you have to do is write a MATRIX comic page! How neat is that? Who doesn’t love the Matrix?

Drezz Rodriguez of El Cuervo is the host of this contest (there will be a new one each month!) and he’s offering 3 different prize packages to choose from!

1) The Advice Package

Drezz will help you review your work, do a one-on-one drawing workshop with you, and be your comic buddy!

2) The Graphic Package

Pinups, guest comics, wallpapers, avatars.. all designed for YOU by Drezz!

3) The Brand Package

Website design, logos, and ads… made by Drezz, to help promote your comic!

Head on over and test out those writing skills… and stay tuned to see which script is selected as the winner!