That’s right, the great Wizard World interviewed ME! wooohoo!


Kinda funny how things work out. Just as soon as I go on seasonal hiatus here, I am interviewed for Wizard World’s blog, as well as a re-post of part of the same interview over on Geek Nation. Regardless, it’s a great honor and the discussion about women in comics, my favorite childhood comics, development of my skills, and even Bronies, ….was a lot of fun. How did I land this? Social media, again. And the fact that I was referred to as a “him” accidentally. Nothing new to me, but the repayment for the mistake will hopefully prove fruitful! Give it read on Wizard World HERE, or on Geek Nation HERE! Leave a comment, would love to hear your opinion on women and comics– be it creators, readers, or characters.

Fanart, and a fun Sci-Fi Event!

Guest strip by long-time Z&F reader & commenter Rainey!

I was surprised with this ORIGINAL piece from Rainey at a local Sci-Fi event in York, PA at the York Emporium Bookstore. The Weird Kid has quite the grasp of corporate jargon! Who knew! Maybe he will amount to something someday… and boy does that scare me! Thanks very much Rainey, for this guest strip and for sharing Z&F with the bookstore owner!

The Jedi Knight Demonstration!
Interviews for a local TV station! Yup, I did one too!
Brian & Christine at a York, PA Brewery. YUM.

I had no idea what to expect from this event, honestly. It’s no where near as big & busy as a comic convention, but the easy pace and the ability to get to know each potential customer really helped, in my case. Many good things came out of this experience, besides about TWICE the earnings that I was expecting. New friends Brian & Christine of Fortress Publishing, whom I joined for a brewery dinner afterwards, were pure entertainment and I look forward to a future brewery dinner with them!

Also, I met John of the York Dispatch newspaper, and the “Junior Dispatch”- a website for kids that offers contests, games, comics and arranges all sorts of fun activities at local libraries! Check out this awesome comic workshop he’s put together, with a prize of *gasp* …..Z&F books! If you’re in the York, PA or Philadelphia areas, this would be a great activity for kids who wants to learn how to draw comics! Click below to read more about this great opportunity!

I also did (yet another) INTERVIEW on the Junior Dispatch, talking about my childhood “Sunday Funnies” favorites, development as an artist, how I first got published, and what tools I have used over the years. Great read for kids, or anyone just getting into making comics!

Bax & Cleo!


New for July! Another fun pet-friendly comic, brought to you by… and ME! If you’re a pet owner, VetDepot is a great resource for cheap supplies for your furry (or scaley, or feathered) friends…. and now, COMICS! Click HERE to read the latest episode, and see what happens to poor Bax and his hot dog treat. Yup, even when I am on break, I am still making comics!