First of all, it’s CLEVELAND Comic Con!



Get this for FREE, if you know the “Phrase that Pays!”

Ahhhhhh.. back in my hometown, finally, for my first show there! After 6 years in the “con circuit”, I’m finally going to my true “home show”. As much as I like living near Philly, Cleveland always feels like home. And much like a certain NBA athlete, and I can say via internet article– “I’M COMING HOME”

Oh yeah, speaking of said NBA athlete, I am offering a “con special” for all my Cleveland sports fan peeps. Come to my table, say “GO CAVS!” and I’ll give you the FREE signed print you see there to your right! C’Mon.. Lebron as Dorothy? Ruby Nikes? Dan “Comic Sans” Gilbert as Glinda the good witch? Comedy GOLD! (just like that infamous road….)

So, here’s the info:

  • Sunday October 26th
  • 10am – 7pm
  • Doubletree Cleveland – Independence, OH.
    6200 Quary Lane
    Independence, OH 44131
  • Tickets are a whopping $10! I know, better start selling off organs!
  • Along with Lee Cherolis and Chris Flick, I will be doing a panel called “DIY Comics: Social Media & Self Publishing“, which will be at 11am in Event Room 1.

Reason #2 Oct 26 will ROCK…


Do YOU spy, whom I spy????!!!

When I started Zorphbert & Fred, my intent was to get it syndicated and printed in newspapers. (Then, yknow, I ditched that for DIY self-publishing) Well, looks like Z&F will IN FACT be printed in the newspaper!
My pal David Reddick creator of the fun-n-geeky syndicated comic Intelligent Life (*ahem* check it out!), is a big fan of Z&F and even wrote the forward for book 3! Below is a preview of his HUGE Halloween Sunday comic to appear 10/26! Be sure to check your papers (if they run Intelligent Life), or online!