Ken Drab, Antoine Gagnon, Irma Erikkson and I will be there! somewhere.... in the masses....

We’re Ready, Are You?

With an attendance reaching almost 100,000 last year, NYCC is expected to be even more insane this year. Saturday is ALREADY sold out, and if Saturday was anything like I remember last year…. well, I’m going to be happy I have a table to hide behind. If you are only deciding now to go (on Thursday, Friday or Sunday), I suggest you snatch up a ticket online ASAP. If you already have your precious tickets, well then here’s where you can find us (though it might take a compass and a pack of hound dogs)….

That's Tables P-5 and P-6! Click to enlarge!

Did you know– the Alliance will be celebrating its 1st year anniversary on October 13th! Yup, we’ve been around for almost a year now, sharing advice, tutorials, videos and our growingly popular Workshop Podcast!

What will I have?

Well, my usual! BOTH Zorphbert & Fred collections, a Con-Exclusive Mini-Book, three Abby’s Adventures books for the kiddies, buttons and pendants, and of course I’ll be doing commissions and sketchcards too!

A Little About My Friends:

Ken Drab, mastermind behind Rick the Stick has a special treat for you, come see him at his table and see his very own views on current super heroes!
Yours truly, Antoine Gagnon and his Drunken Fools, will be drunk somewhere in a corner. But more specifically offering you with SHINY USB Keys, Beer Coasters and Drunken Superheroes (free hugs too!)
Finally, the Alliance crew will be joined by Irma Eriksson, creator of the great comic Imy the Comic. Flying from Sweden for the show, rest assure she will be there to ROCK the house!