NYCC was just as insane as last year… massive crowds exceeding 100,000… tons of celebrities….lots of excited interested comic fans! While it was a lot of fun (moreso hanging out with good friends, than the con itself) I’m not sure I’ll go back next year. The earnings were not enough to make the stress and cost of tables/accommodations/travel worth it. While people were interested in Z&F and Abby, few had the money to spend. First, let me explain the “curse”. You see, almost anything that could go wrong with this trip went wrong. It started months prior, and lasted throughout the weekend. It made us wonder if it was a sign to cancel the trip.

Allow me to bullet point the bigger of the mishaps:

  • It was supposed to be the first gathering of all the main Webcomic Alliance members– Byron, Ken, Antoine and I. Well, due to some serious personal issues, Byron had to bow out. The poor guy can’t catch a break! And we really missed having him there.
  • While we signed up right away for 3 tables, and paid them in full, the NYCC staff decided to give our tables away to “bigger names”, and poor Byron had to fight to get us at least 2. Yes, that was AFTER we paid for our tables.
  • We had reserved this great rental apartment- 3 beds, 2 baths, for $300/night! But 3 weeks before the show the owner cancels due to “damages out of her control”. We were left in a panic, trying to find another rental that was still available as hotels are mighty expensive in NYC.
  • Antoine learned the hard way to not order sushi/sashimi at a primarily Chinese restaurant.
  • We all learned the hard way that having a reservation in NYC does not mean A: you’ll get your food faster, B: you’ll get napkins/silverware at all, or C: that your table will actually be held for you.
  • I can safely say for all of us who went, we did not earn back what we spent on this convention. Massive crowds does not mean massive sales… especially if half the people there just tell you “I have no more money”.

However, there are GOOD points too…

  • A very gratuitous rental owner waived cleaning fees and taxes for us to rent his loft. The catch? It was actually 2 lofts– the other about a block away. The hassle of moving between the 2 was very minor, and the lofts were INCREDIBLE.
  • The convention staff who cut back our tables initially more than made up for it by cluing us in to 2 open tables… so all four of us each got our own table!
  • Though Friday and Saturday were terribly slow sales-wise for me, Kids Day on Sunday made up for it, at least a little bit.
  • What really was the highlight, as cliche as it sounds, were the friends and the gatherings we threw together each night. From the Drink & Draw to the dinner at the Tenth Rail (despite the bad service), to just chilling at our 37th floor loft playing cards…. this is what I’ll end up remembering as time passes.

…. and for that, I may go back again.

Now for the goodies:

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