Have to say, if it weren’t for the people I had the pleasure of finally putting a face to their twitter avatar (if that made sense), I’m not sure I would have had that much fun at NYCC. But do not take it the wrong way… the con itself was a tremendous success, and the people I spoke to who exhibited said business was good for the most part. But I, personally, am not good with crowds… and this was not the usual busy con.. this was jam-packed full, cannot do more than a baby-step shuffle to get anywhere, call-the-fire-marshal- we’ve-gone-over-capacity type of crowded. That type of thing drives me nuts, I get so stressed, I’m less likely to stop at a random table and explore new comics and meet new people. My goal at that point becomes “Get from Point A to Point B without screaming or injuring another human being or Na’vi-looking cos-player”. So, I basically saw the people I came to see, and looked for the open-air section to recoup. But like I said, that’s just me.

So, a big THANK YOU and SEE YA NEXT YEAR to the peeps I got to meet. Howie, Tom, Marc, Irma, John, Wit (Mike), and the 2 Brads.. you guys are awesome and I’ll be stalking, er, seeing you again soon! Heard of these awesome people? Check out their work:

Tom Racine

Marc LaPierre

Irma Erikson

Mike Witmer

HC Noel (Howie)

Some notes:

  • For some odd reason, the exhibitors with booths did not get tables. Or chairs. This came as surprise to many, who had to run out and BUY a table, or spend god-awful amounts of money on renting one. Artist Alley exhibitors did get tables. Something to keep in mind.. as if you get your own table/chairs, as asinine as that may sound.
  • This lack of tables lead to some drastic measures. Two of my friends had the tables they bought or rented STOLEN. Right from their booth. Such a shame! This is really an issue the convention coordinators should amend ASAP.
  • Good things to bring/wear: Swag bag, water bottle and snacks, comfortable shoes, hand sanitizer, gum, charger for cell phone, and even a battery back-up for iPhones (these venues suck the life out of your phones), asprin, taser for the annoying aisle-hoggers (KIDDING, kidding.)
  • If I go to NYCC next year, I WILL have a table (literally as well, in Artist’s Alley). If only to have my own little space to hide from the insanity. But also to pimp Z&F!

Pictures, anyone?

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And here’s a quick video of the demo by THE Joe Kubert, drawing his own Hawkman! Was a pleasure to watch him at his mastered craft… the man don’t even NEED pencils anymore.