Social Media Meets Comic Conventions!

You have probably seen a couple blog posts about some fancy-shmacy convention I’m attending, and thought “Gee, if I only had the money/time/could travel that far…..”. I hear ya, my friends. For this very reason, my friend Ryan Fisher has started the “DigiCon“, which is a fully ONLINE convention and the first of its kind! This time, I’m COMING TO YOU! Through your computer.

With only a headset and a webcam if you choose, you can interact with your favorite webcomic artists, like myself and my fellow Webcomic Alliance members! Ask for sketches and commissions and watch them do it LIVE! Plus, buy books and merchandise from them, listen in on live panels on different subjects, and if you’re a fellow creator, this a great chance to network!

More Reasons Why DigiCon is BETTER than Regular Cons:

  • No lines
  • No smelly bathrooms (unless you never clean yours!)
  • No need to find or pay for parking
  • None of that pesky walking around, or figuring out the floormaps
  • What jet lag? What recovery time? What gas prices?
  • Your favorite kind of snack foods! Because it’s at YOUR house! Order a pizza if you want! Or Chinese! Hire a caterer! Okay, that’s a little crazy.
  • Webcams are still cool little gadgets.
  • YOU CAN DRINK BEER! (or whatever you please…. this actually helps enhance the experience)

I will be available THIS WEEKEND at DigiCon’s video chat from 12pm-3pm on BOTH Saturday and Sunday! I’ll be drawing live, taking commissions, and goofing around with other creators and fans! I hope to see you there!