I’d like to use this Thursday news post to remind you pet-lovers that there’s a new feature here at ZFCOMICS! Everyone loves to share stories and pictures of their cats or dogs, I know I abuse that tendency myself! Staying with this comic’s theme, I want to hear why YOUR dog or cat (or bird? or hamster?) is weird! Is it the goofy positions when they sleep? Or maybe what kind of odd routines they have with their food? Possibly the funny noises they make or how they bark or meow? Or even just what makes you laugh, no matter how late, or early in the morning it is… pets certainly have that ability, don’t they? Just tell me a story, send along a picture, add your name and city & state, and I’ll SPOTLIGHT it on a Thursday!

Head over to the contact page to attach a picture, and type in your story! Looking forward to meeting your weird-o pets….. who are probably ALIENS IN DISGUISE!