If you keep up with the site or follow me on social networks, chances are you may have heard about the “Exclusive Ebook” that’s been available this off-season. I’ve been relentlessly promoting it and letting people know exactly what it entails and how my new webcomic format works … but now I need your feedback! I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of sales and success with this format as it ISN’T the normal “always free online, but please buy a book” webcomic business model. Lets just say I’m wondering what YOU think.. and will base future decisions on this info. Heck, with fundraising/subscription platforms like Patreon catching steam, I may choose to go that direction.

First, if you need a briefer…

To break it down, my new business model for the last year has been this:

  • 4 months per season, followed by 2 months “off-season” break.
  • New comics are posted 1x a week on Mondays, HOWEVER, I actually create DOUBLE that amount each season.
  • Those extra comics (plus the ones posted online) are collected into an “exclusive ebook” and offered for a low price ONLY during the following off-season.
  • Once the next season starts, the exclusive ebook goes into the “space vault” forever. Yeah, like Disney DVDs.
  • The exclusive comics will never be posted online… but they WILL appear in the printed volumes and subsequent ebooks once finished.
  • It’s a way to still offer free content, but entice readers to chip in a LITTLE BIT to read twice the comics… before the print volumes come out.
  • Oh, you wanna BUY it? You have until March 3rd! Head to the STORE!

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I appreciate your support and feedback! And remember…..

The NEW SEASON of Zorphbert & Fred Starts MONDAY! (March 3rd!)