10/22/12 Mission Log #5219

Now here’s a peculiar phenomenon… Halloween, originally called “All Hallow’s Eve”. As with many of the holidays we have studied, the history of the holiday has it’s roots in paganism, yet it’s now adopted by Christian religions. Much of the traditions on this day have a creepy undertone, and I can see why; long ago it was believed that souls wandered the planet until All Saints Day, Nov. 1st, on which they would move on to the afterlife. All Hallows Eve was their last change to get revenge on the living, Yes, that’s.. erm… creepy. But this is the reasoning behind all the costumes on this holiday- people disguised themselves so that their dead relatives wouldn’t haunt them. Now I know why “respecting your elders” is so important. No one likes being haunted. Be nice to old people, and you won’t have to buy a costume.

All this seems mythological and silly, however the TV Channels are littered with these ghost investigator shows, and ghost stories, and now being right around Halloween, all the classic “scary” movies are being played in an endless loop. It’s all very formulaic and unbelievable, yet people like to watch these movies or shows and get themselves all worked up on theories they claim to not believe in. Some people actually DO BELIEVE in spirits haunting certain buildings, communicating with the living with sound, sights, or even touch…. and typically, they’d rather them NOT be there. This is what I find the most peculiar: humans don’t want to believe in ghosts, yet they want to watch movies or TV shows that almost forces them to do just that, even if just for the span of the viewing.

Tell me Earthlings, do you have an “experiences” with these spirits that may or may not exist?