9/25/12 Mission Log #3117

I have noticed the abundance of political discussion both around the house here and on television. Humans of this country are preparing to elect a leader for the next 4 Earth years. While it has been brought to my attention that political discussion tends to incite excitement and anger, I figure YOU humans reading this may have evolved passed uncivilized behaviors and can look at the election logically and rationally. As you know, Fred and I had our fair share of involvement in the 2008 election, and little seems different this time around. The real issues that affect the country as a whole are set aside for the smaller issues, mainly because they seem to get more of a reaction. Each side fires up their followers, the ones who would follow them regardless, and the people in the middle who have not come to a decision yet (if they really exist) are left listening to the same looped noise. Despite the fact that most can agree the government itself is flawed and this “Congress” is proving to be nothing more than a black hole for any intended change, the American people are convinced that 4 years with “The Other Guy” in office will be nothing short of a mitigated disaster. This thinking, of course, is lead by the endless infuriating television ads and media portrayal. Each of the main candidates tells us why the other guy is the absolute worst choice, but forgets to explain how they will help this country with its many and extensive problems. It’s essentially a race between Dr. Doomsday and Captain Apocalypse.

Many people vote for a candidate based on one issue that affects them personally, rather than choose the best candidate to run the entire country. Since the parties are so solidified in their stances, these people can just vote for the same party every year without much new analysis. Few Americans actually do their research… those who do realize the whole process is pointless, because the system is set up to fail, to allow for minimal ACTUAL evolution.

When a machine breaks down and only yields poor results, it becomes apparent to me that a complete overhaul is needed.  While I’m sure you know by now we’re not here to “take over the world”, if I could alter something about the political system to allow it to work more like our impeccably-efficient technology, I would first do away with the labels. The parties- Democrat and Republican- aren’t what they used to stand for, and all they are doing is further dividing the country. If there’s no “party” to fund, no label to stand behind or pressure to conform, the politicians simply become people with ideas… ideas that American voters would have to gather data about and make an intellectual decision on which ideas are best to use as a foundation for change.

Just my outside opinion. Thank goodness we’re not even native to this planet, because having to vote for one of these party puppets would be a bigger headache than helping “Bedazzle” Fred’s sock tail. Okay, maybe not.

So, American Earthlings, what ONE change would you make, if you could “take over the world” of politics and create a better government and electoral process?