9/11/12 Mission Log #2456

It is approaching the end of the Earthly seasonal cycle referred to as “summer”. Humans are still flocking to open water communes such as the over-crowded community cement hole “pool”, and the edges of the continent that feature grainy eroded rocks (sand) and the turbulent large water bodies (ocean). All this despite the fact that they install and pay for their homes to be mechanically cooled. Humans are also leaving their cooled homes to cook OUTSIDE, on hot low-end cooking structures fueled by fire-hot charcoal or straight-up fire. Some even more delusional humans leave their comfy neighborhoods to “live in nature” without any modern conveniences, and go “camping” as they call it. This seems illogical to me, but humans really seem to enjoy these hot outdoor excursions.

Earthlings: care to share a favorite “summer” pastime, and why you enjoyed making yourself uncomfortable in the name of “fun”?