11/06/12 Mission Log #7469

I have heard through the grapevine that the owners are celebrating an “Anniversary” today. Much like a birthday, it only takes place once a year, and is a reminder of the commitment made to each other, on the same date they were married. This got me pondering marriage. Where we come from, dividing off into pairs isn’t necessary. “Love” as humans know it is not something very translatable to our species. We CARE for others we spend time with, but there is no next level … you either care or you don’t, and you surround yourself with other people whom you care for, and who in turn care for you. The idea of cutting that back to one being– whom you spend ALL you time with, build/maintain a shelter with, and in the case of human being, procreate with… seems, well, stifling. I mean, I have been on this bizarre planet for quite some time now, with only Fred to keep me company.. and lets just say it’s amazing he still has his antennae in tact.

Humans are some of the most diverse, particular, complex and illogical creatures I have had to research… and that’s probably why we are STILL stationed on Earth after all these years. How do humans put up with another singular mate, for year after year, without feeling bored or frustrated or trapped? Is the extra element simply LOVE? Does that eliminate all these other feelings, or are there tricks of the trade, that help ease the tension? If LOVE fixes all, why do some couple get divorced?

How do YOU live happily amongst a single mate, Earthlings?