ZFPanelFanArt_KimBeldingMr. Belding is ALWAYS up for the Challenge!

Kim is a relatively new friend via twitter, and he’s really stepped up to the Z&F Fanart Challenges thus far! Not ONLY did he send in this hilarious final panel (taking things quite literally), but he also designed a cereal box, AND submitted a “Famous Duo” earlier this year! Kim’s own comic PicPak features the crazy antics of cats and dogs. Presumably, REAL cats and dogs, but one never knows.. they could really be aliens. Nonetheless, Kim brings the cute and the funny, so you Z&F reader should go check it out!

I think my favorite part of this last panel is the Weird Kid’s response though… doesn’t that sound completely like him? Or maybe it should have been “about nothing”, LOL. Or, “about GLUE!”. Also digging Zorphie’s parade on the background. Who knew being lazy and uncooperative would get you a elephant-laden parade?

Thanks so much Kim! Have a terrific weekend!