First off, Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope 2013 brings you health & happiness and blah blah blah yay.

ANYHOOOO… now for the REAL announcement! The winners of this season’s Put Words in Their Mouths Caption Contest!

The runner up, who will received a signed T’was The Night Before Christmas Z&F Poster, is Scott Maitland with his entry: “Wasn’t the rabbit costume supposed to be for that other holiday?” That’s pretty much dead-on something Zorphbert would notate about the bunny costume. We humans tend to confusing things, huh? Congrats Scott, I’ll be in touch with you soon.

The grand prize – a Z&F figurine and a signed copy of the vol. 3 preview minibook- goes to Michael Phelps of Life on 66! His entry (in the picture above) was funny and fitting for the characters, comic, and storyline. I really liked how he tied in the movie (and a missing element in my storyline- the bumpass hounds!) with Zorphbert & Fred so succinctly! Great job Mike, and I’ll be contacting with you soon!

Thanks, as always, to everyone who entered, I hope you enjoyed it! I am now officially on my seasonal break, but will try to send out a weekly update if you wish to check in for appearance updates, news, maybe some cover art for volume 3, and of course….  fanart posts! You DO remember I am accepting new “famous duos” fanart pinups both for posting on this site but also for inclusion in book!