I’m happy to announce my involvement in this great cause, called “RISE: Comics Against Bullying.
I’m a contributing artist, and also a cover artist! It’s an anthology of various artists paired up with writers, full of short stories with a theme of bullying and ways to positively deal with it. Sounds like something the Weird Kid would relate to and love, right?? The head of our project, Zan Christensen, has a specific goal in mind: Get this book in the hands of kids nationwide… for FREE! And he already has Northwest publishing signed on, as well as well known distributors such as GLAAD and Stand for the Silent, who will get the books into schools, libraries, comic books shops & more. The tricky part? It needs funding to be given away for FREE. Right now, our Kickstarter is nearing 50% funded, but we are running out of time!

My cover art for one of the FOUR anthologies!

My cover art for one of the FOUR anthologies!

That’s where YOU come in.
Maybe you don’t have the cash to donate towards a cause like this. I understand, it’s a rough economy, and a LOT of people run kickstarters nowadays. But you CAN still help! What we really need is to get the word out, have the right person share the link at the right time, in the right place. So, if you can’t afford to help out monetarily, PLEASE take a moment to share the cause. I’ll even give you a phrase to easily copy-paste into your social network of choice:

October is #Bullying Awareness Month! I’ll “Stand for the Silent” by supporting RISE: Comics Against Bullying, please consider donating:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zan/rise-comics-against-bullying

This is an incredible opportunity for me….
Not just because of my art career, but to be able to help victimized kids who feel alone and cannot deal with the negativity in their lives. I’ve been there, many of us have. That’s why I developed the Weird Kid character; he’s different than the typical middle schooler, but once you get to know him, his differences are what makes him endearing. But it’s hard to remain positive and upbeat when dealing with bullies at school every day. I want to help THOSE kids, and this is a way to utilize my talents in a way that CAN. Please, if you agree, take a moment to watch the video.. Share a tweet or facebook post about the kickstarter, email a friend, contact your kids’ school. LET’S GET THIS FUNDED!

… And FAST! The Kickstarter ends Nov 3rd!

*Note: My art is featured third in this video!