As many of you know (and probably heard about exhaustively via twitter/facebook), my fiancée Rick and I will be getting married soon. It’s been 7 years, we’re due. The “big day” as they say is Nov. 6th, 2010, and we’re pretty much excited to have the planning done with already, more than anything LOL. I could go on about how we met and how he proposed and all that mushy stuff, but let’s be cool and leave it at that. If you’re interested in all that stuff anyway, you can check out our wedding blog.

Needless to say, I will be needing a break from Z&F. Yes, although it would very much prove my dedication to continue to crank out the comics the night before my wedding, I may very well lose my mind. That, or Rick will start to think Zorphbert and Fred may show up as groomsmen. I plan to take a webcomic-ing vacation from Oct. 24th to November 21st (but who knows, those dates may change). That gives me 2 full week before to finish planning, and 2 full weeks after to, well, recover. I would love to keep the website humming with activity, so I am asking you.. my lovely, talented, vastly intelligent, witty and charming readers (note the flattery), to whip up some fantastic guest art for me to showcase here on!  I’m gonna try something new and creative here, and it will hopefully give you some ideas of what to draw, too. Behold: My Guest Art Registry!

Specifications for the guest strips or panels

  • 900 pixels wide, however tall you wish
  • RGB color
  • .jpeg, .gif or .png files
  • color or B&W, does not matter
  • Keep it “PG” please
  • please list your name and URL (if applicable) underneath the comic
  • Due date: October 20th
  • Email the final to: dawn AT zfcomics DOT com

Thanks in advance, I know it’s cheesy to ask for guest art.. there’s no good way to do it, so I’m just tryin’ the make it fun and interesting! ;0)