Now available in the Z&F Store— the FIRST e-book!ZF2013A_ebook

This LIMITED TIME OFFER contains all the comics from the first 2013 season– and THAT INCLUDES the 20+ never-seen-before EXCLUSIVE comics! I was saving these for Z&F Volume 4, but just for you super-fans who can’t wait, they are now available to download for the low price of $2.99!

So, what happens in those other exclusive comics? there’s 2 major storylines you just can’t miss! Alex, the sassy girl-bully returns and the Weird Kid gets his first suedo-date! Plus, it appears the humans may be contemplating having a baby! What will Z&F do to prevent that mission-cramping “disaster”?


Some webcomics offer memberships for a yearly subscription, so you can have ALL the content. Well, think of these download-able e-books like a VERY inexpensive membership to get ALL the content before it’s available to the public! Or, think of it as a TIP, that also gets you something in exchange!

The catch (yes, there’s always a catch) is that this e-book is ONLY available for this off-season. On Sept. 2nd, it will go back into the Z&F Airlock Space Vault! So HURRY NOW, before it’s locked away until the printing of Z&F Book 4! Head over to the store!!