New Community Project!

As I have advised other creators, the best way to drum up community interaction, fanart, guest strips and get your readers involved is to make it FUN: give it a theme! So, I have created a series, and a page, just for this, called The Z&F Fanart Challenge! Every quarter there will be a new theme that’s posted there, and it’s up to YOU to take on the challenge! Every entry will be posted on the site (on “Fanart Fridays!”), and will also be included in the printed Z&F books. Plus… there’s a little something in it for the WINNER, each quarter!

This Quarter’s Theme (running until 5-31-2013)

Inspired by the sugary cereal storyline that kicked of this season, your Fanart Challenge is to design the Zorphbert & Fred Cereal Box! Think of all those crazy cartoon characters that are plastered on cereal boxes, and those goofy kitschy names for the cereal itself! What kind of cereal box would Z&F be featured on? What would the cereal have in it or be made up of– flakes? marshmallows? puffs? yogurt drops? It’s all up to you!

Head over HERE to read up on the rules, and get all the info!