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The great thing about the webcomic community (there’s a buncha great things actually) is when you need a break due to …..ohhhhh… say a wedding, or a new baby, you have friends who can help you out with guest art. As you saw here at Z&F, my wedding resulted in a TON of guest strips! So, I try to return the favor.

Irma of “Imy” fame is on vacation. In San Diego and Vegas. Lucky her. And she needed her friends’ help to keep her busy site up and running with new fun stuff. I was happy to oblige, despite my jealousy. She came up with a very creative idea of having friends submit their Imy drawing on a postcard, featuring California or Vegas landmarks. Being that Miss Imy is a ROCK chick with a love for mischief and fun, it was only natural to show her RAWKIN’ out big-time in Vegas, no?