This week’s “risqué” “Fanart Friday” is from a long-time fan, twitter friend, and facebok pal,  Sonny Chiba. If you heard my interview with TGT webcomics, you may recall someone distracting me from the chat room, by keeping me informed about the Cavs playoff game.. which I deliberately turned off so I could FOCUS on the interview. Yup, that was Sonny. Love ya anyway, dude. Nice Lebron tribute in this piece!

Anyhoo, Sonny is the creator of the amusing and frankly- quite random, “Stiffs”, which a webcomic detailing the lives of lower paid workers who work in a large Disney themed museum in New York City.. which he describes as “Clerks meets Boondocks”. If that doesn’t peek your interest, well…. what’s wrong with you? ;0)