Out of the clear blue sky, I received this awesome piece and it brightened my day in just seconds. I have been recovering from a bad cold (yes, just like my recent storyline– no, it wasn’t planned that way) and feeling pretty crummy. Who knew a fanart piece by the great Jim Anderson of Ellie on Planet X was a better remedy than Mucinex?

If you are not won over by the awesome, almost Ren-and-Stimpy-style look of his art and unique textures and color palette, (and something is wrong with you if you aren’t) then go read Ellie because you like aliens! I know you do, if you’re hanging around here. Ellie is a robot sent to explore an alien world and report back about the lifeforms she meets. A great all-ages comic, akin to Zorphbert and Fred, for sure!

And if you just want to look at more pretty pictures drawn by Jim, you can go HERE and ogle all you wish.

Thanks again Jim! You continue to impress.