Am I a slacker updating only 2x a week now?– At least Priest Revan thinks I’m not! Thanks for the shout-out man, glad to know some people out there respect the amount of work I put into Z&F!

And I only update 2-3x a week, imagine if I was syndicated and had to do 6 “dailies” and a “sunday”… That’d be crazy! At least with a full-time job. Here’s to webcomics!

Mr. “Priest Revan” over on drunkduck treats the world to a wonderfully adorable comic called “2’s a Company”. If you like animals and “furry” type comics, you’ll love it. This was one of the first comics on DD that I stumbled on, and I have seen this guy improve vastly over time. I know he’ll only keep getting better, so watch out!