So, there’s few pictures that can completely and totally make my day, but here’s one of them:

Everyone, meet Jim Garvey, son of Don Garvey (wow, that sounded like a formal introduction out of Lord of the Rings). Don is the writer & colorist of Echo Rift, and I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Allentown Comic Con last fall. He bought, mush to my delight, both Z&F volumes, and gave them to his sons for Christmas. Next thing I know, Don is sharing a photo and story about his son’s new favorite comic over on Google+… how he listened to tales of Z&F on car rides, and finding Z&F Volume 1 in the sacred “bed stash” amongst other favorite comics. Now that’s some high praise!

Not only did Jim give this great feedback, but he also whipped up his very own Z&F comic! I thought it deserved it’s very own place in the Fanart Hall of Fame here at, so here it is for your enjoyment! Please note, this  includes theVERY FIRST fanart of Sproing! (whom I just realized I need to feature more often)


Super Visor: “Interesting”
Zorphbert: “No tail! Destroy it Sproing!”
Fred: “But Zorphie, Now I don’t feel like a pretty kitty!”
Sproing: Destroys the sock.
Nettika: “Ha!”

Thanks so much to Don and Jim for your support of Z&F!