I present you with this latest piece, for the latest winner of the PWITM Caption Contest, “derelict”! Congrats!

I’ve gotten to know our favorite Master of Vocabulary pretty well over the last couple weeks (as much as you can via email at least), and he’s quite a cerebral and cognitive individual (see, the vocabulary rubs off!).  He also has a vast amount of interests, as you can see above, and I tried my damnedest to get each one in there. A love of philosophy got him a Nietzsche shirt and Rodin’s “The Thinker” pose. His favorite writer is H.P. Lovecraft, thus he sits upon Cthulhu… but another favorite character is the Mad Hater, so his hat gets the signature price tag. Finally, and oddly enough to me, his passion for the Red Sox earned him a pennant, but I’ll bet you figured that out.

Sure is interesting what kinds of people Z&F brings in, huh?

Thanks again Derelict, for playing the Z&F Caption Contest, and I’ll see you guys soon enough for the next one!