Another fantastic fanart sketch from buddy David Hurley of Don’t Pick the Flowers, which features a huge colorful cast of the wacky people, animals, even aliens(!!) you have seen. You just never know what you’re gonna get with DPTF, as the ORIGINAL line went in Forrest Gump. Life is like “Don’t Pick the Flowers”, right David? Thanks so much for this piece, it certainly is an excellent rendition of “my guys”.

Oh yeah, David did an interview with me a while back, why not swing over and check that out again!

I head off to New York City this weekend, to bask in the colorful glow that is New York Comic Con. Bringing the husband, aka “Male Owner”, to fully break him in to the “comic con experience” and introduce him to some wonderful people. This convention is a tradition for me now, a tradition of nonstop FUN! I just hope I make it out alive. Keep an eye out for pictures! I’m not exhibiting, but attending is fun as I actually get to absorb the atmosphere beyond the 8 feet or so I get at a table.

Mmmmmaybe a special NYCC Costume post next week, hmmmm? We can vote on the winner?