First off, some Fanart!


Getting fanart in my email is always fun, but there’s little more thrilling than receiving it in person! At Amazicon a few weekends ago, a family that had supported me for about a year now at various events on the east coast (they’re kinda like my roadies!), stopped by my table. The eldest daughter, Isabella, is a budding artist herself and loves both Z&F and my Abby kids books. She carries with her a great scrapbook of her sketches and drawings and inside was this terrific rendition of the guys! Please excuse the glare, I should have asked to take it out of the sleeve. I can tell she took my drawing lessons in the back of Z&F Volume 1, too, which also made my day! Thanks so much for sharing this, and all your drawings, with me Isabella!

A New Way to Read Z&F: Tapastic!

unnamedThere are lots of webcomic reader services out there, like Comic Rocket, or InkOutbreak (of which I have been a big supporter), and basically they just pull your latest comics from your feed. Well, there’s a new hot comic reader community out there now, called Tapastic! And I figured, why not give these comic lovers some Z&F– but from the VERY beginning!

You can sign up via facebook easily and start reading Z&F among a ton more webcomics! The experience is slick & easy, and offers you a great chance to catch up if you are a newer Z&F reader, too! I highly suggest it.

Head HERE and add Zorphbert and Fred to your READING LIST!


Check Out What’s NEW in the Z&F Store!

I finally updated the T-shirt designs and some fun mugs! If you’re curious what the “Space Cadets” shirt is about, check out the BRAND NEW Facebook Group: Zorphbert & Fred: Space Cadets Club! It’s an open group for anyone to join, and you’ll get extra cool stuff NOT on this site while also keeping up with the newest comics!

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