That’s right, I’m just throwing it alllll at ya! Strap yourself in and get your headgear on, folks…. herrrrre weeee goooooo!

Fanart By Crazy Jon

Yet another great twitter buddy,┬áJon Esparza @JonsCrazyTweets bestowed upon me this awesome drawing of our 2 alien heroes. Looks pretty familiar too…. hey, I think there’s a 3D version of this you could win in the latest PWITM Caption Contest! Check out Jon’s fun craaaaaazy site/blog and his comic Mike & Mindy HERE.



Announcement: Comic Strip for!

I am super excited about this one, guys. If you recall my appearance at PetMeds Blog, where Z&F was featured with a book giveaway, well… I was contacted shortly after by a competitor called Vet Depot. I have been commissioned to write & illustrate a once-a-month (for now) comic strip that will post on the Vet Depot Blog! The first task was designing the characters, which is a cat and dog duo (shown here), and now they need to be named! Vet Depot is posing the question to its followers on Facebook, and a lucky winner will get some free treats for their dog or cat! I can’t wait to see what names are chosen for these characters! The name of the comic will be the character’s names, much like.. hey!– “Zorphbert and Fred”!

Stop by on facebook to submit suggestions for names, and while you’re there, “like” their page!!!


I ramble on and on at “Don’t Pick the Flowers”

David Hurley, of the blog & comic “Don’t Pick the Flowers” interviewed me recently, and it posts today! I yammer on about my inspiration for Z&F, old favorite comics, Abby’s Adventures and more! Swing by and give ‘er a read!



Cool New Comic on the Horizon: Finding Gossamyr

A friend of mine, David Rodriguez of the awesome Shadow Girls, is coming out with a new comic and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the first chapter! “Finding Gossamyr”, under 3rd World Studios (a great bunch of guys) is a fun all-ages tale about a young math genius who discovers a new fantastical land by solving an age-old math puzzle. The artwork by Sarah Ellerton (Yes, THAT Sarah Ellerton) is phenomenal as always; her style is very sitting for a family-friendly fantasy comic. While I cannot share with you the full chapter, I CAN share some gorgeous artwork examples from the chapter on 3rd World’s flicker page. Mosey on over and be amazed!