It was a good week. Always a good week when friends and readers send you “gifts”. I got 2 awesome Z&F fanart sketches, and here they are for your viewing pleasure!


This first one is done by my cousin (in-law) Lauren. She enjoyed the Apple-Angry-Birds-Hipster storyline and whipped up this cute sketch with herself included! She’s finishing up art classes at Hussian School of Art in Philly, and I get the pleasure of seeing her art on facebook, seeing her improve each year. I see a lot of myself in her… and it’s funny I say that. An ongoing joke between us is that she’s really my sister/daughter. Allow me to explain with a photo:

weddingLauren is behind me to the left. You can see why her friends look at this & think the OTHER pale redhead is her sister (or even mother!). Well, now we ARE related, legally speaking. But I sure ain’t her mother.

Thanks for this awesome sketch, cuz!

Find her DeviantArt HERE, though I think it’s a bit outdated.




Weird Kid - Grown Up sketch

If you follow me on any social networks, you probably know or have heard of my friend Chris Flick of Capes & Babes, who is also a fellow member on the Webcomic Alliance. For no apparent reason other than showing off how awesome he is, he sketched up this for me. Behold, the Weird Kid in 5-8 years, as a teenager (how scary is that thought)! Note the flipped visor, the Z&F tattoos, earring, yet he still has mischief in his eye! Goodness, he probably also drives at this point… now THAT is REALLY scary!

Chris says he wants to least ink this piece, so maybe we’ll get to see a finished piece soon!

Oh yeah, yesterday was Chris’ BIRTHDAY, why not stop by his Facebook Page and wish him a happy belated one. Maybe I should whip him up a sketch of his tomboy-ish character Joey, for his birthday!