As you guys have seen this week, I have a lot of wonderful gracious friends who find the time to whip up some guest strips for me, so I can get a breather. Of course, if you know me, you know a “breather” will end up being a new word for “more work”. I spent the last 2 weeks cranking out fanart for fellow cartoonists who inspire me, impress me, or who have shown their support for me and Z&F over the years. Just as a way to say THANK YOU.

So, how about some linkage so you can see these pieces as well?? While you’re at it, please check out their awesome comics as well…. hey, if I like it and you read my comic, you’ll probably like these as well. (Some are rated R, kids… please ask your parents!)

Capes and Babes has pop culture references a-plenty (and a WEREWOLF!)

Dog Eat Doug overdoses on the cuteness with a baby AND a puppy!

Zombie Boy brings the weirdness and paranormal adventures for those with edgier tastes.

A Dog’s Life’s is yet more doggie adventures for you pet lovers, include time-travelling. Woof!

Devil’s Panties (Rated R!) is a sketchbook diary of sorts, by a women who marches to the beat of her own drummer (and in some CRAZY boots!)

Girls With Slingshots (Rated R!) follows Hazel and polar-opposite buddy Jamie through the adventures of adult life, with booze and talking cactus in hand.

"Capes and Babes" by Chris Flick

"Dog Eat Doug" By Brian Anderson

"Zombie Boy" by Mark Stokes








"A Dog's Life" by Chris Otto

"Girls With Slingshots" (Rated R!) by Danielle Corsetto

"The Devil's Panties" (Rated R!) by Jennie Breeden


And I still have SO many more people to thank. I mean, just from the plethora of pieces I got for the Wedding Guest Art marathon (it gave me like 3 month off!), that’s a tremendous amount of support. Support that I’ll try to slowly return as I find the time. Again, many many MANY thanks!