If you follow me on twitter, facebook or G+, you probably know where my OTHER passion lies…. Cleveland Sports. Born & raised just outside Cleveland in a little town called South Euclid, I was brought up on the Cleveland (and Ohio State) teams: Browns, Cavaliers & Indians. Nowadays, with the help of the internet & social media, I can keep in touch with other fans even as a lonely transplanted fan in Philly. When LeBron James dished out his “The Decision” on ESPN for world to witness, and Cleveland’s collective heart was shattered, I “watched” it on twitter… I had other fans to lean on, commiserate with. But the fun new addition to this connection is the ability to COMBINE my 2 passions — by drawing a Cavs-themed comic for the fan-made, 90’s-punk-inspired “Cavs Zine” (Issue #2) about their controversial owner Dan Gilbert. (For the record, I’m on Dan’s side, but can poke fun at him all the same.. That’s what us cartoonists do!)

I was honored last year to be apart of Cavs Zine #1, and looking forward to doing more! Read more about the Cavs Zine HERE, and if you would like to order one (instead of find one in local downtown Cleveland bars and such) click HERE.