Birthday Present!

Scanned for Your Enjoyment:

I recently went through a physical folder of fanart and caricatures and other goodies, and scanned the pieces I have been collecting. It’s easy enough when you get fanart in your email inbox and you can quickly post the jpeg and be done with it. But there is something really special about receiving a physical piece of fanart, sketches and the like. And these pieces deserve to (finally) make it up on the Z&F website.

New York Comic Con Welcome Gift!

Today I am featuring 2 pieces by the Lunchtime Sketch Master, Marc Lapierre. I have known Marc for a long time now (first met him at the first New England Webcomics Weekend), and have tuned in for all of his projects… whether it be SpookyDoofus or working with Brock Heasley on The Superfogeys or his wonderful Popketch collection. Marc is proof that the more you sketch, the more you LOVE to sketch, and try to expand your horizons and draw DIFFERENT things, the better you will become. Practice like the practice is more fun than “really” working.

So, as one of his “lunchtime sketches”, I received a birthday sketch of my guys a year ago. And when I arrived at the hotel in New York for the NYCC in 2010, I found a funny little gift waiting for me. I forget why the pony came up, but I am assuming I asked jokingly for a pony upon arrival. Like, a real one. Naturally. This one was much better, and less smelly.