Marc Lapierre's rendition of Z&F- Frank Miller style!

This piece of AWESOMENESS was bestowed upon me in New York before the bog Comic Con (which I already yammered about). At the Drink & Draw event Thursday night,  good bud Marc Lapierre of Spooky Doofus and Superfogeys was the dedicated artist, tirelessly working miracles in his sketchbook… while the rest of us were drinkin’, playing darts and shooting pool. In the end, who has something to show for it? Well, uh.. me. Marc handed me this awesome rendering of Frank-Miller-style Zorphbert and Fred, as I shamefully returned from a beat-down in darts… and my usual combination of pure joy AND jealousy of his amazing craft sank it immediately.

I mean, seriously… how AWESOME is this??! Thanks Marc. I love/hate your skills, you talented devil you.