Sometimes, you give a gift for Christmas, and get a greater gift in return that doesn’t come wrapped or in a box.

Many of you regular readers may know long-time commenter “Winnie”. Well, Winnie is a huge fan, as are her kids Jasmine, Joseph (aka “Fred”), and Ferguson (aka “Sonny”). They have all my books– both Z&F’s collections and all 4 Abby’s Adventure’s kids books. From time to time Winnie will share stories about how the boys fight over the Z&F books during car trips, or how Jasmine will demand she buy the Abby’s Adventures DVD (not that there is one yet– but Jasmine says “Oh, oh there will BE one soon. And I WANT it.”) If ever I had a family of devout readers, the Wright family would be it!

This Christmas, Jasmine received the newest Abby book “Christmas Carol”, and since Volume 3 is not quite ready yet, Fred & Sonny received a caricature of themselves in Z&F’s costumes, an idea given to me by Winnie which I happily obliged to whip up. (I mean, how COOL is that???!!!). My Christmas gift in return were some pictures that made my day– the kids reactions, along with a piece of fanart by Fred himself… using the “how to draw Z&F” section of Volume 1, and I have to admit, he did an excellent job!

Thanks so much friends. You have made my heart grow three sizes in one day… now, who’s got the ROAST BEAST!?

Fanart from Fred (click to enlarge)

More Fanart From Fred!