Two great pieces to share with you guys today! Honestly, one of the most flattering moments as a cartoonist, is receiving fanart from people who .. like, willingly, want to draw your characters! It reminds me of when I started out and all I would do is draw the Peanuts characters, or Calvin & Hobbes, or Fox Trot, over and over. Imitation is the truest form of flattery, and that’s certainly true!

First off, a fun guest strip by twitter buddy Riley!

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A little nod to Men in Black, but we all know Zorphbert has a mind-erasing device tucked away in that collar. Riley Schmitz, AKA “Invade2Destroy” on twitter, has been a passionate Z&F fan for a while now. With almost every update, I get complimentary tweets from Riley, brightening up my day each time! He’s one of those readers you just adore having around, because even just one little bit of good feedback goes a long way! Riley, obviously, also draws comics and you can look through some of his work HERE and HERE!

Next up: Portrait of Nettika by Email Pal Darryl!

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I think I know Darryl’s favorite character now! Remember what I was saying about awesome readers who will give you feedback and keep you motivated? Well, I have another passionate fan in Darryl, who signed up for Z&F delivery in his email. (You can too, but the way.) Out of everyone who receives Z&F comics in their inbox, Darryl is the one I expect to hear back from on a regular basis. He is full of great questions and is dying to see the aliens out of their costumes! Sorry Darryl, but I’m thinking my own interpretation of the aliens will never live up to your imagination!

Many thanks to both Darryl and Riley for some fantastic fanart, which I will cherish and also have printed (with your permission) in Z&F Volume 3!