Hi friends! It feels like it’s been forever, but it’s not even a month since the end of the last season. I took a whopping 5 days off. Then, I’m right back at it, catching up on somethings I have been wanting to get done – like my new portfolio website (to be announced once finished) and some new additions to the STORE! More on that in a minute.

Fanart! With a new geeky twist! This sure is a first.


You may remember an old regular commenter, “Derelict” over the years here. While he hasn’t been as frequent, he still keeps up with Z&F and their antics, and has an interesting hobby of customizing Magic the Gathering game cards. He’s done some pretty good ones using Futurama, PowerPuff Girls and Pokemon characters, and the latest addition to his collection features Zorphbert & Fred!  The best part is the “spell” or action cards he chooses for each character are usually quite fitting.. and as you can see, this dual card is quite the perfect fit for these two opposite personalities. Many thanks to “Derelict” (aka Ben) for painting this awesome card, shipping it to me so I have yet another — unique & fun — ORIGINAL fanart keepsake! Good thing I don’t play Magic the Gathering, for I may be tempted to use it (and possibly ruin it!). Any other readers here play this game? It’s been around for a long time and I have many “gamer” friends in my circles who have played it for decades.

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ZF2013A_ebookFirst I should re-mention the extra-special item that is a LIMITED TIME OFFER: the Exclusive 2013A Z&F ebook! I drew TWICE as many comics last season, than were posted online. Including a storyline about the Weird Kid’s reunion with his crush Alex, and the possibility of a baby being introduced into the house! If you don’t want to read these exclusive comics until Z&F Book 4 debuts, you can download it RIGHT NOW for as much as you may tip a bartender, or pay for a fancy Dunkin Donuts coffee. But hurry! This ebook will go back into the Z&F Airlock Space Vault before next season!

ebooksAnnnnnnnd… along side this exclusive ebook are now SIX volumes of Z&F ebooks! Each one has 100 comics and is a cheap and easy way to catch up on reading all of Z&F’s adventures, without the nuisance of clicking through the website navigation and waiting for each page to load. Here at Z&F, there’s over 600 comics to root through- that’s a LOT! Even with how fast the internet is these days, I understand how that can become tedious, so I wanted to offer you wonderful readers a cheap alternative! For $2.99, you’ll receive a link to download the PDF file, which you can read right on your computer, or add to iBooks on your iPad or your Kindle and read on your train commute or on vacation!

Think of buying an ebook like tipping me for my hard work, but it’s a tip where you get something in return!

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