Tentacle Slap!

Yet again, the twitter Gods have been kind to me, and introduced me to the wonderful Chris Otto of the comic “A Dog’s Life”. Obviously, being that we both write about dogs (okay, some of us more prominently than others), we hit it off pretty well. I even got to video chat with Chris via Google + in recent weeks! (btw, if you’re on Google+, I can be found at http://gplus.to/dawngriffin) Hangouts are awesome, and I will probably be using them to replace the UStream channel that I rarely have time for anymore.

Anyhoo, Chris kindly whipped up 2 strips featuring Z&F, mainly for the paranoid squirrel character Frohike to react to. After all, he DOES wear a tin foil hat to “keep the aliens out of his brain”.  You can check them out by clicking the thumbnails below. While you’re there, swing by the cast page to get an idea of the goofy, colorful dogs, humans and other creatures that roam the universe of A Dog’s Life. There’s a clever storyarc going on right now, “Bark to the Future“, which is worth diving into! If you guys are dog fanatics, which is likely if you read Z&F, spend some time checking out Chris’s fun corner of the webcomics world!