Happy Labor Day! Let’s hope clipart artists take a day off from their “hard work” on creations such as the one below:


I believe this was found under the keyword “plate”. Which, after a while, clued me in to what the heck it was. My first thought was an anteater crawling out of a hole? Why he was “ready”, I’m not sure.. ready to eat ants I guess. But upon inspection of the other keywords, one being “turkey”, I realized that snout was really a hacked-off turkey neck. How nice. And, even without a beak, or head for that matter, it can still speak (not that turkeys can even speak, but who cares)…. exclaiming it is ready to be cooked. How innovative, a turkey that gives you pointers as you cook the damn thing.

Oh look. The artist graced us with a COLOR version, which is… obviously… a vast improvement.