Tomorrow is Halloween! You’ll see a lot of SCAAAAARRRY costumes wandering the streets, but I’ll be the monsters in this edition of Clipart FAIL will strike even MORE fear in your heart!

I would have thought the little one would have peed himself.

Ugh. If we’re going to go out on a limb and draw a monster on a skateboard, why can’t we CLOTHE him too?

Seriously. I know they’re monsters, but I cannot express enough the need for, at the very least, PANTS.

This, I suppose, would be the REAL “Nose Goblin”

Good thing the headless horseman had a FULL horse. If he teamed up with this guy, he wouldn’t get very far.

Um…. what? I mean Goblins move my stuff all the time, but never has one walked off with my checkers table.

*stares in disbelief at screen* *tries to un-see whatever this is*

Night of the Living Bad Clipart. Scarier than real zombies.

I… I have no idea. Too bizarre for words.

Your Turn! Help me come up with a good caption for this monstrosity!