Here’s Chris’ full entry, which I condensed down to fit into the panel nicely. Great work!

Google+ Buddy Christopher L., a writer for a technology blog at the ripe age of 14, decided to take the Z&F Fanart Challenge! So, what exactly happened after the “FOOOP” sound effect? Well, that’s the sound of being warped to your own private island! Looks like the manager’s motives backfired big-time! And now he has a strange yellow sponge mutant who lives in a pineapple on his tail. Scary!

Nice SpongeBob reference there, Chris! And how timely, considering they JUST took an island vacation recently! Thanks for taking this season’s Fanart Challenge! For anyone else who thinks they have a funny punchline to insert here, swing by the Fanart Challenge page for the full rules and such. The bribe: you could win ad space right here on Z&F for an entire SIX MONTHS!!!!


Art Festival Appearance! THIS Sunday!

Provided the forecasted rain managesConventionFloorplan to miss the area, I will be at the Jenkintown Festival of the ArtsTHIS Sunday, from 12:30-6:30pm. From their website: