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Another congrats to James Zintel of “Gary & Ted”, a webcomic that you may find very, very familiar. Why? Well:

A: Features an alien on Earth studying human nature

B: title is the 2 main character’s names

C: extensive archives with lots and lots to read!

D: PHENOMENALLY hilarious and well drawn!

Okay, so, tooting my own horn with that last one. I think the biggest difference between Z&F and G&T is our humor- while Z&F keeps it cleverly tame and insightful,  G&T is all about the wacky, pushing-the-limits, and sometimes just-for-fun-absurdity type of humor. The first comic I remember reading featured Gary & Ted talking about a new job, but… randomly… Gary had a cat in a catapult, ready to be fired, in the background. Never explained, or the results shown, but I found that element hilarious! And I think that kind showcases what G&T offers.

You’re still here? GET OVER TO GARYANDTED.COM!