Call for Fanart!

January & February is my next SEASONAL HIATUS from Zorphbert & Fred (only AFTER a really awesome Christmas story arc you guys will LOVE!), but I wanted to mention that during the hiatus I post FANART and GUEST STRIPS– anything you wanna send, I shall post! It’s a fun exercise to draw other people’s characters, and it can get your own comic some traffic, as I will of course link to your site.
Now, everyone loves a good theme to get the gears turning. So, let’s do this:

Famous Duos Mash-up

Zorphbert & Fred are based on some famous duos- Garfield & Odie, Ren & Stimpy, Laurel & Hardy! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to draw up a pin-up of Z&F masquerading as a famous duo! That’s right– aliens, disguised as dogs, disguised as… another duo! (complicated enough?). And yes, it can be an aforementioned pair. And it can be a guest strip if you feel feisty. And guess what– all submissions will be included in Z&F Book #3!
Send ’em in before January 1st!¬† Just email me your file at: dawn AT zfcomics DOT com. (The contact page has a file upload¬†option but I have just found it doesn’t work.) Here’s some other specifications:

  1. can be any dimension you like
  2. 300dpi (for printing in the book) and either grayscale or color
  3. .jpg, .psd, .eps are all acceptable.



Dawn in a Capes & Babes comic!

Just wanted to share this great comic my fellow Alliance member, con buddy, and friend CHRIS FLICK of Capes & Babes included me in. We often discuss sports (he’s a big sports fan as well, but he likes the *gag* Cowboys) and he has heard me lament enough times about the pathetic state of Cleveland sports and our almost 50-year championship drought. So, he put me in a comic. I’m OK with it ‘cuz I beat up a werewolf. :0)

Swing over and check it out!

P.S. Cleveland ROCKS!