C2E2 was a blast. It really was. I stumbled through it, but best of all, I learned a ton and feel super confident that I will do 100% better next time around (which looks to be Philly’s Wizard World in June). Sales were not crazy, but I did pretty good for my first attempt (and it was the first C2E2 as well). They key for me was exposure, learning to attract readers/customers and how to deliver a good pitch. Keep your eyes peeled for Friday’s extensive Tip & Tricks, to see all that I have learned from this experience. I hope to pass some knowledge onto you!

Our little Webcomics Clan consisted of:

Byron Wilkins of 1977
His son Justin
Kurt Sasso of TGT Webcomics (they have SUCH a pretty logo, *ahem*)
His friend “CoderMike”
Antoine Gagnon of Drunken Fools

Now, enjoy some photos!

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