make custom gifts at Zazzle

I know my store was desperately in need of some updating, fresh products, more than just my logo slapped on every product offered. I also switched from cafepress to zazzle, I like their little flash widget thingy (everyone: “OOOoooOOoooOo“). Also, a majority of these products are available right HERE on this very site! Just click the STORE button, and check out the latest and the greatest. So, take a quick spin around, see what you like, and help support Z&F (and me.)

I will try to introduce a new Tshirt, or other fun products, every month or so. So, stay tuned!


Now, you may be wondering about the most important piece of merch: a comic strip collection! Yes, yes, it’s in the works. I am deciding between Kablam, Lulu, and other printing services. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Right now more people are very happy with Kablam, than I have seen otherwise. However, I would love your opinion on what KIND of comic collection you’d like to buy… just to see where my readers stand. Please take this poll below, help a gal out!
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