Hello all. I have a last-minute announcement! It’s becoming tradition that I decide at the last minute to attend a Comic Con, and this time it’s the Baltimore Comic Con. Yeah, I knew about it months ago, yeah it’s only 2 hours away from where I live near Philly, yeah the thought “Gee, I should attend that, or better yet, actually get a table and promote Z&F” ran across my mind, but lack of money and time made me forget. However, seeing how many of my favorite webcomic artists will be there, and that %$#@ conscious of mine that says “You’ll regret it, dummy!” made me change my mind.

‘Course it’s too late to get a table, but attending as a fan is always a blast anyway. I usually pass out a ton of bookmarks, postcards and mini comic collections anyway, so that’s something. Anyway, I’d prefer to wait until I have an actual book in print to sell, to get a table like a “grown-up” cartoonist, LOL. I know Brock Heasley of Superfogeys fame will be there with my bud TL Collins at the 3rd World Studios table. Howie Noel of “Tara Normal” and “Mr. Scootles” will also be there, excited to meet him. Of course the Half Pixel/webcomics.com guys, Danielle Corsetto of “Girls with Slingshots”, and Jennie Breeden of “Devil’s Panties” as well. Not to mention a slew of my fellow Webcomicplanet Collective members like Ken of “Rick the Stick” and Dave of “Unbearable Bears”. It’s gonna be one heckuva geek-fest!

If you are going as a fan or as an exhibitor, please let me know! I’m making up my list of people to meet up with! Look for me in a bright green Z&F Tshirt (if I can get the Tshirt made in time) and the signature red spikey hair! (yes, just like my avatar).