Back from Baltimore, and letting everything sink in. I can now say that I have a soft spot for the Baltimore Con…. not just because I can stay with my good friends Howie and Shelley of  TaraNormal (who have the cutest pugs!)… and not just because Baltimore is a great little city… but because this comic con is known as the “antidote to the San Diego Comic Con”. What that means is, Baltimore is a COMIC con. Not a pop-culture and celebrities and movies and TV and other assorted paraphernalia… and oh yeah comics… convention. The focus is truly on comics here, and the big celebrity in attendance was none other than Stan “The Man” Lee. The best part is the atmosphere this creates— a crowd that isn’t in a rush to get in line for an autograph…. they are happy to mosey through the aisles and check out new and indie comics, and that is the perfect atmosphere for someone like me. When you TRIPLE that attendance, which DID in fact happen at this year’s Baltimore Con- even got capped on Saturday due to the fire marshall’s concerns, it results in one of my best conventions ever! The only reason it’s not right at the top is only due to it being a 2-day con, instead of 3 or 4.

Time for my shout-outs. First off, a BIG thank you to the man who supplied my caffeine BOTH days, Chris Otto of A Dog’s Life, and for generously buying both Z&F books annnnnd all 3 Abby books for his baby who ISN’T EVEN BORN YET. (congrats again, btw). Next, to Chris Flick of Cabes and Babes, for pelting me with a tootsie roll and then conveniently disappearing when I came looking for him, armed and dangerous. To John Bintz of Dawn’s Dictionary Drama (hey, good name!) who helped plan the after-party/drink-fest, and Charles Dowd of Lilith Dark for introducing his daughter to Abby and converting her into a new fan! I also met a bunch of new wonderful people like Carolyn Belefski of Curls and plenty more, as well as Eric Menge and Brittany Michel of Snow by Night… both great artists (and fellow kick-ass chicas!- whoops, not you Eric) you guys should check out. There’s plenty more people I met and reunited with… and hope to see next year! Sorry if I didn’t get to you in this post.


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