Mister, I’d like some more please! Baltimore Comic Con was a blast, even more fun that last year. And this year I staked out in artist alley and did pretty well for a 2 day con! My partner in crime was good buddy TL Collins of Bullfinch, and his mythology and fantasy comic blended very well with my sci-fi/humor… we had all the bases covered. TL is excellent with commissions, and can tackle any request, even the super weird, as you’ll see below. No doubt we 2 crazy kids will work together again in the future, so look out!

What I adore about the #BCC2010 (as it was called on twitter) is the focus on comics and creators. Hollywood has taken over so many of the bigger comic cons, with their flashy movie premiers and actors parading around, it diminishes what these cons were originally supposed to be about. Not Baltimore; although there are some famous signings and panels, they still are focused on comics and cartooning. It’s these type of shows that are best for aspiring creators like myself, and I was happy to actually be apart of it this year.

… Especially when it’s practically for free! Splitting a table helps, but not having to pay for a hotel room is even better. I was very grateful to have friends in the area who let me crash at their place- Howie Noel of Tara Normal and his kick-ass wife Shelley were awesome hosts. I’m talking White-Russians-and-Rock-Band awesome, here. They own the best air mattress on the east coast, and only being 20 minutes from the convention center, it was the perfect deal. Many many thanks to this awesome couple, who will hopefully be seeing me again this time next year *hint hint*

The “fun” really kicked in Saturday night, when approximately 40 of us gathered in the reserved room of Pratt Ale House and broke the world record for most geeky cartoonists in one bar (well, probably not, but still). This plan was started by Mr. John Bintz of “Dawn’s Dictionary Drama” (yeah, I know, how coincidental), and was passed around to friends until it hit about 40 or so people. Was a blast, and Pratt Ale House has a great chocolate stout and some very patient waitresses. Another experience I’d love to duplicate next year!

So, to anyone who wandered by my table and grabbed a free book and listened to my little pitch, THANKS for stopping by the site! Please, feel free to comment on the updates and posts, and sign up to have Z&F delivered to your inbox 2x a week! Welcome to my little section of the internet, where everyone’s just a little bit “alien”. ;0)

Picture time!

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…and some link-love to the fantabulous webcomics people I met or ran into again at #BCC2010!

TL Collins of Bullfinch

John Bintz of Dawn’s Dictionary Drama

Shawn Harbin of The Dungeon Comic

Howie Noel of Tara Normal

Chris Flick of Capes ‘n Babes

Shawn Murphy of, shawnpmurphy.com

The Fraim Brothers brosfraim.com

William Chrapcynski of Binary Souls / Other Dimensions

Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots

Brad Guigar of Evil Inc.

Brookes Eggleston of Also, Bagels

Tyler James of Over, EPIC and more

Jon, Brian, Scott, Charles and a slew of Mikes at 3rd World Studios

.. and I’m SURE I missed some people, if so.. sorry! Let me know and I’ll add you in. Too many of you wonderful nerds to keep track of!