So don’t miss out, next weekend!

Griffin_comiccon_-13Boy I’m excited. AwesomeCon last year was a TREMENDOUS success, for me, for fellow creators, for the organizers and fans alike! The kicker was that it was a FIRST YEAR show! So many fans were just stoked to be there, to discover indie comics and be apart of something new and exciting. It’s going to be EVEN better this year! How do I know? Well, how about a successful Kickstarter run by the organizers that raised over $50,000 sound to you? yeah. AWESOME. Do NOT miss out.


Here’s the Rundown:

Click to enlarge

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April 18 – 20, 2014

Friday: 3pm – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Walter E. Washington
Convention Center
Washington, DC

My Table is in Artist Alley, O-5. Right by the kids’ section!

I highly HIGHLY recommend you get your tickets beforehand! You can go HERE to see what’s still available.

 What I’ll Have at my Table:

  • All 3 Z&F collections ($15 each, all 3 for $30)
  • All 4 Abby’s Adventure’s books in paperback & hardcover ($10-15 each)
  • Collectible Z&F figurines ($20)
  • Z&F “You Humans are Weird” T-shirts ($20)
  • 5 different cute-and-funny pop culture prints! ($10 each or all 5 for $30)
  • The NEW Tip-$1-Take-1 Box O’ Goodies! Get a button, magnet, keychain, or mini-print for $1!
  • The NEW Z&F Con-Exclusive Minibook, previewing Volume FOUR! (Just $5!)

Doodle Scribble Draw!

Last year I was one of the 4 contestants on Mark Mariano’s Doodle Scribble Draw kids gameshow! And I’ll be back again THIS year!
As you’ll see on the panels & activities schedule, DSD is on SATURDAY at 3:304:30, in Room 203A!

But Wait! There’s MORE! A Fun Indie Event!

Click to download PDF

Click to download PDF

This is totally grassroots event, churned up by fellow indie creators at AwesomeCon this year! It offers YOU a chance to discover new comics and get good deals on them! Here’s how it works:

  1. Download & Print this out (to the right). Bring it to the show.
  2. Track down each artist using the floormap (or just wander!). Collect all their signatures and listen to their pitches on their comics, mine as well. Doing this UNLOCKS all of our “Signature Deals”!
  3. Go back and take advantage of their specialized deal!

So, what’s MY “Signature Deal”? FREE COMICS! With ANY purchase, you get a signed Z&F vol. 4 MINIBOOK for FREE!